Upcoming Gigs

Our 2019 music series was another corker for True North Music – see here for info on the brilliant gigs we hosted last year! We had a cracking start to 2020 with two fabulous February concerts from Newberry & Verch, but sadly since then the Covid-19 virus crisis has put paid to our planned spring/summer 2020 concert programme. We have had to postpone our Yorkshire Americana & Bluegrass Day to 5th June 2021, so please add that to your calendar!

With mirror-writing poster and reversed sign, filming on selfie mode on Facebook Live!

In the meantime, thanks so much to all who joined us for our VIRTUAL Yorkshire Americana & Bluegrass concert on 30th May. We had some wonderful performances from around the world – the trio version of AJ Lee & Blue Summit out in California, the duo version of Jaywalkers from their Cheshire living room, North Carolina duo Zoe & Cloyd and Simon Brady representing Tilter Wheel. It was a great (if hectic) evening MC-ing the event from my home. You can watch the videos again at our Facebook page, and I’ve also made a playlist of the performances on YouTube here. We also raised nearly £900 in donations, 80% of which went to the musicians, and 20% to our festival fund for next year’s event. Your support is most appreciated – hopefully we might put together another virtual event in a couple of months, to keep us going through this time when real-life concerts aren’t possible.